About YourCascadia

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Our mission is to build an online platform to give you the power to make the changes you want to see in your community, as part of a member-owned direct democratic co-op. We want to make it easier to live sustainably, take constructive actions, and have a good time while we're at it!

Please join us! Our collaborative revolution starts with you.

Participatory Universal
Basic Income Allocation

Community-based budgeting of UBI excess to needed causes & jobs, consisting of dollars and self-stabilizing crypto-tokens.

Community Marketplace

Sorts hyperlocal transactions, and more responsible shopping decisions first. Built on a transparent and secure network.

Direct Democratic

Issues and solutions to vote between are organized in a community “Wikitree,” with logic and fact checking tools.

Sustainability Analysis

Versatile simulation/analytics tools to help track data and make decisions in the best interests of the people and environment.

Continual Optimization

When communities are large enough, they can test variations of rules and structures, and compare results to adapt and improve.

Incentive Systems

Achieve objectives by yourself, as well as larger goals with your community. Vote on which rewards you want to unlock together.

In other words, our goal is to build a Cascadian Economic Direct Democracy – a web-based marketplace that is under the complete direct democratic control of local community members. The interface will be intuitive enough for the most computer illiterate among us, and include elements from games to motivate and reward members.

It aims to empower every person to sustainably exchange goods and services, drastically increase personal and public wealth, fund new jobs and needed causes, have an equal voice in their locality; and make educated decisions with a transparent, secure, and ever-improving open source platform.


Confused? Want more detail on what the plan is, exactly?

Look no further! Below you can find a video presentation and its slides, a rough design mockup, and more detailed version in writing.

Also check out the other 4 links to see a few external sources of inspiration, and some ways to get involved.

Video presentation

Video presentation

Watch Elliott break it down
(in 12 minutes).

YourCascadia video presentation slides
Video slides

Video slides

Do you want a copy of the slides from the video? Ok, here you go.

Design mockup

Design mockup

Here's one example of how this platform might look. Needs lots of feedback before launch!

Long, textual presentation

Long, textual presentation

Here's the most thorough description currently available.



CascadiaNow! is a great resource for the broader Cascadia movement and culture.



Ethereum is one of many possible back-end frameworks that this platform might one day use for secure voting and transactions.

LETS systems

LETS systems

In many ways, this shares similarities to a LETS system, as a direct democratic co-op.

Principled Societies Project

Principled Societies Project

Another source of inspiration is the LEDDA project, which shares the most similarities in concept.

We need your help!

There's a million ways you can be an awesome person and get involved to help this effort! Hit the button below to read up on our working groups.

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You've got questions? We've got answers. Reach out through the email address or form below if you have a different question.

What if I don't live in Cascadia? I still want something like this where I live!

Cascadia is more of a state of mind. This idea was meant for everyone. If you live outside of the main Cascadian area, you are encouraged to connect with us anyway.

As it is, this platform is meant to split into different experimental groups to test out different variables. If you want to start something like this in your neighborhood, just talk to us!

This is an open source project, so everything will be available for free use and collaboration.

I want this to exist now!!! What's taking so long? Hurry up and build it already!

If you want this to happen faster, help us out! Please connect wtih us and see what you can do. We are currently undergoing a reorganization, which has delayed our original 2019 timeline significantly.

In truth, there's no telling at this point how long it will take. Really, there needs to be a fleet of people involved to make it successful, and the outreach efforts have a long way to go. Our main project leaders have had to step back due to various life events, so we really do need YOU to step up and take charge of YOURCascadia!

This seems like an attempt to start a peaceful revolution from the inside out. It can't be legal.... Is it??

Yes, in fact this is legal! Organizing under co-op rules, members can democratically decide how to conduct themselves. If any decision is made that clashes with the established law in the US or Canada, the action of breaking that law still applies to any individual member that breaks it, just like it normally would. YourCascadia does not condone breaking the law in any way, nor any sort of formal secession, and will not implement ideas into the framework that would be illegal. At points of conflict, the disagreement between members and governments becomes a show of opinion, for the consideration of the powers that be.

How can you expect people to make the right decisions? People be really dumb sometimes.

Mob mentality is totally a thing, and historically a lot of people haven't been too knowledgable about specific topics. However, times are changing.

Now, we have all the information in the world at our fingertips. What's missing are tools to properly analyze beliefs in a logically comprehensive way.

In addition to providing the structure needed for critical thinking on all sides of an issue, YC will also give you the ability to attach your votes by proxy to any expert of your choice. Any issue or category of issues you don't care about or understand, leave to someone you know you can trust.

Who exactly is this "we" you keep referring to?

Loosely speaking, "we" are everyone who believes the world needs better tools for democracy, more responsible ways to shop, more money, and more power to effect positive changes in the world. I assume that includes you. I assume it includes almost everyone.

Strictly speaking, the "we" referenced throughout the site is current mostly "me" (Elliott). At least in terms of who is organizing the effort and writing all the words on this page. There are roughly 20 others who are actively involved so far in some way. It'd be really great if you and your buddies joined, cause then the "we" would truly be representative of "us."

How can you expect to dole out a Universal Basic Income? Where's it all coming from?

It'll come from the same place as our current money: thin air. Actually, better than that. It'll be from a fixed pool of crypto-Tokens, verified scarce and immutable. The value is tied to the dollar, and remains stable through the power of demurrage, which acts as a counterinflationary measure by removing continuously calculated amounts from circulation via different methods.

For example, a community may decide to put a "half-life" on newly traded tokens, make occasional percentage cuts across everyone's token stash, or budget tokens to be taken back out of circulation.

What's to stop this from turning into a dystopian "Black Mirror"-esque nightmare?

Indeed, this class of platforms can facilitate a vast number of alternative systems, many of which could contain elements of social controls, bureaucracy, and other such horrors. I did say this can eventually become anything you can imagine, right? Already in China's new social credit system, there are some scary things like your travel or finances being restricted depending on your social score. Everything including your social media posts, time spent playing video games, and friends you associate with can affect this score.

We can do much better here to ensure no one's rights get trampled upon. This system has the major advantage of being run by direct democracy. So before or during any glimmers of dystopia showing up in a community, we can all quickly shut that noise down.

How exactly is this platform supposed to remain transparent and secure, but also ensure the highest standards of privacy possible? Isn't that paradoxical?

Through the magic of blockchain! We can make sure that everyone's votes and transactions are accurate, without necessarily exposing their personal information if they don't want to. Everything is cryptographically broken into chunks, which are distributed throughout the network and checked for consistency between devices. This is how we can ensure the data cannot be manipulated or hacked, while still allowing for total anonymity.

So in practice, everyone will have full access to see all transactions and votes, but not necessarily who is involved by name and personal details. Of course, people will be able to volunteer this information to whomever they please.


Want to get involved? Sign up for updates? Just say hi?

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We need your support to make this a reality.

Our collaborative revolution starts with you.