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Salmon - $3 – Credit in name, Founding Member badge & Totem badge     

Frog - $25 – Scavenger hunt invite + above prizes                

Beaver - $75 (or $7/month) – Plant a tree for you*, Stickers/buttons, Custom origami, + above prizes

Raven - $260 (or $22/month) – Raffle ticket + above prizes                              

Wolf - $520 (or $44/month) – Home-cooked meal & game night ticket + above prizes

Human - $1,040 (or $87/month) – Plant 12 trees for you*, We’ll cover your podcast/blog idea, Mystery box, + above prizes

Bear - $2,085 (or $174/month) – We’ll draw a custom picture for you, Hidden tribute to you in code/game layer, + above prizes

Eagle - $6,250 (or $520/month) – Custom photoshopping, Virtual VIP lounge/content, + above prizes

Orca - $12,500 (or $1042/month) – Plant 50 trees for you*, Plaque, + above prizes

Thunderbird - $25,000 (or $2084/month) – Plant 100 trees for you*, Trophy, Elliott will get a tattoo of your choice (in location/size of his choice), + above prizes

*Trees planted will be through the organization OneTreePlanted.
Prizes will be paid for with separate personal budget, up to $300 or until $25k goal is reached (after which, prizes will come from excess).
Other, hidden totem badges, prizes, and bonuses can be unlocked as well.
Monthly totals calculated assuming at least 12 months of recurring donations.
YourCascadia is a fiscally sponsored project of CascadiaNow!, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible!

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