Do you have great ideas about the way things should be, but don’t have the time or energy to make it happen? Perhaps you feel powerless, and just wish that other people would hear your ideas, argue the merits between themselves, and then implement the good ones?

You're in the right place!

Simply type in the basic gist of your idea below and we will create a project board where you can add/edit content as you please, and we can collaborate on ways to bring it to life!

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Each submission goes through this process:

1) Consulting – We get back to you on our interpretation, and check in to see that it’s accurate.
2) Review – We'll begin a deep dive analysis of your idea.
3) Expounding – We attempt to build it up, to try to positively support and strengthen it in whatever ways we can think of.
4) Debunking – We imagine every possible weakness that people might use to try and dispute your ideas.
5) Troubleshooting – We reconcile the strengths and weaknesses, and identify/solve any remaining issues.
6) Refinement – After all arguments for and against the idea are defined, we refine them to be as concise as possible.
7) Presentation – Now we have a fully polished idea, that can be publicly debated and enacted by communities on the YourCascadia platform!


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Good Ideas Team (GIT)

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