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During our 3-month Daily Debate Fundraiser, from Nov '18 - Jan '19, we will be collecting viewpoints from daily debates held on our Facebook and Reddit posts. Constructive comments will be added to the continued discussion afterward on our DebateGraph.


1) If you don’t like these rules, change them by joining the debate on what they should be!

2) Don’t be a jerk. There’s no need for insults, condescending tones, personal attacks, or riling people up. Please be considerate, and think about how your words could affect others before posting. Comments that aren’t constructive toward supporting arguments will not be used as valid points on our DebateGraph.

3) On the other hand, don’t take things personally or go looking for trouble in people’s writings. Freedom of speech means you might hear things you don’t like sometimes, and that’s ok. Communication isn’t perfect, and it’s easy to misinterpret the intention of someone. Please assume the best of your peers and try to let your feelings and ego take a back seat.

4) There’s no winning and losing “sides.” We’re all on the same side here. Plato sez: “at the end of an argument, everyone wins because we all have a more complete understanding of the truth.”

5) As in brainstorming, there are no “dumb answers.” We are trying to look at issues from all perspectives. Even if an argument isn’t that strong, add it anyway so we can have it on record with its points and counterpoints. We are building a collaborative & canonical debate structure much like Wikipedia is a canonical source of information.

6) For the sake of seeking the root of each issue, questions will be asked to steer the conversation toward finding the best solutions and arguments from all perspectives we can come up with. You are encouraged to play devil’s advocate against even your own beliefs, for the sake of broadening your understanding.

7) We will start the new daily debates at 9am PST. All links to previous debates are posted here, and can be added to until January 31st. Afterward, arguments will be extracted, broken down, and plugged into the Debategraph.

8) By contributing to this conversation, you are agreeing to let YourCascadia use your comments on our DebateGraph and eventually in our native platform discussion. If you do not wish for a comment to be used, please put an asterisk at the end of it like so:*

9) We are relying on you to help us moderate our conversations! Please step in and flag arguments that go against the rules, and politely comment on them with any deductive errors you notice! Here’s a list of logical fallacies and cognitive biases handy for analyzing arguments from a neutral and objective standpoint.

10) When possible, please back up your claims with any sources you can. These sources should be backed by some sort of empirical evidence, and not just opinion, faith, or appealing to authority. Let’s not get hung up on blanket generalizations that come with party/identity politics. We are not here to discuss candidates or party positions. We are here to discuss the issues themselves.

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