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We currently have 6 working groups, which you can help us out with at your leisure. We have weekly volunteer meetings on Sundays from 3:00-4:30pm, which are open invite. Follow this link for the calendar invite/Google Hangouts portal. Hope to see you there!

You don't have to ask permission to dive right in and help (again, it's YOURCascadia)! Here's our Master Volunteer To-Do List, which gets updated weekly. Feel free to get started now on anything you want, or add/edit your own items!

Please record your hours here, and we will make sure you are credited for your hard work!

Organizational/Outreach group

On this team you can help to get us more administratively organized and/or promote YourCascadia to others through social media channels, in person, phone calls, canvassing, performance pieces, presentations, or any other type of activity that can effectively reach out to people from all over Cascadia and the rest of the world.

Media/Art/Content crew

If you’re a writer, animator, filmmaker, or other sort of creative type, please consider helping us to come up with and make various materials to educate people and raise awareness of this project. We’re making blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, articles, technical papers, and whatever other supplemental content you can imagine!

Web Development unit

Of course, we couldn’t make a decentralized web platform without a development team! If you want to help collaborate on the codebase with us, we will gladly accept your offer! This will be an open source project, and we’ll need help building out and beta-testing both our transitionary Cyclos version and the later upgraded version depicted in our mock-up (with alterations based on what our community votes for).

Game Changers

A team of players, gamers, and developers co-creating YOUR Cascadian economy for all members of ourcooperative guild. Being a game changer is all about imagination, creativity, alternative economics, gamification of real-world objectives, creating new narratives, and of course - FUN! If this lights a fire in your mind for new opportunities to make reality fun to play, then get involved with the new Alternate Reality Game that's inherently intertwined with YourCascadia.

Ideas/Debate team

This team is made up of anyone who helps by contributing ideas and/or debating issues in our community. It can be about important problems in the world, things you wish to see happen in your neighborhood, or the design & structure of our plan itself. We want to use the scientific method to reject null hypotheses and get closer to the truth on the best ways to live together.

Fundraising squad

Help us come up with fundraiser ideas, find people and organizations to donate to this cause, or spread the word as a social ambassador! All donations that you help us raise will be tracked and rewarded with totem badges and prizes!

Please fill out the form below and select the working group(s) you are most interested in! From there, we will send you specifics on what we're working on and what still needs to be done.

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Please record your hours here, and we will make sure you are credited for your hard work!

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